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My name is Chloe Little and I am the sole owner of The Scribbly Gum. I am a proud Yorta Yorta and Yuin Aboriginal woman who has grown up on Darug Country of Hawkesbury, NSW. 

The Scribbly Gum is my opportunity to share my stories, thoughts and feelings with you through arts and other crafted goods. It is also an opportunity for me to connect with my culture.

The Scribbly Gum was inspired by a walk on Yuin Country and continues to inspire me to stay connected to this land and my community.

Red Mountain


The Scribbly Gum creates a range of products from original artworks and prints to concrete candles and tote bags. The purpose of The Scribbly Gum's products are to celebrate Aboriginal culture in ways that meet the needs of all. I hope you enjoy the pieces I have carefully created just for you.

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